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“Time to kick the bucket and get a multi-functional Baseball Hopper.”

We manufacture the patented multifunctional baseball hoppers which are great for hitting and pitching practice. These hoppers are used as an elevated basket for pitching batting practice, a seat for soft toss, collector for picking up the balls without bending over and a carrier for transporting the balls and other small items like your glove and water bottle.


The standing position is great for throwing batting practice behind the “L” in the cage or on the field.  It stands 37” high to prevent bending over to pitch balls.  The ramp in the hopper assures the balls will roll down to the opening easy access (saving your back for the yard work). The legs lock into position and open up wide enough to provide a stable base even while throwing from the non-level pitching mount.


The Carrier (Storage) position is great for transporting the balls (about 40 baseballs or 20 softballs), a glove, a drink and a scorebook.  The legs fully collapse to fit in a small 19” x 10” x 10” area so throwing it in the trunk of even a small car is no problem.  It’s convenient to keep all your baseball essentials together so they are ready to go when you are. With the elastic bands, you can quickly verify you have everything you need.



The Sitting (Soft Toss) position allows the user to continually reload and toss balls while sitting on the Baseball Hopper.  The balls are forced upward by the “ramp”  so they are always easy to reach and one side has the elastic cords so balls can enter and leave manually. The seat height is 19” from the ground, the bottom is square for more stable base to sit on.  With  8 gage (0.156” diameter) welded constructed rods, the weight capacity is over 350 and the powder coating allows for years of durability.


The collector position allows the user to pick up baseballs (or softballs) fast and efficiently while saving your back from bending over. Within seconds the user can change the Baseball Hopper from the Standing to the Collector position. The collect works well on various surfaces including concert, turf, grass or even gravel. The elastic polyurethane cords (7/32” diameter) stretches around the balls as downward pressure is applied and the balls pop through the special elastic polyurethane cords.


U.S. Patent No. 8,297,669 ”

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